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04 de abril de 2024

Apr 3 Update

We have had Common Green Darners in the state for a little over a week. 9 observations recorded in iNat from Greene, Montgomery, Hamilton, Franklin, Logan, and Champaign Counties.

Logan and Champaign were both counties with first-ever March observations. Yay.

The near term weather is a bit cool, but warmer days are coming. Check out the OOS website on species with early flight at

Many of you will be out with your cameras for the eclipse - keep an eye out as your waiting - maybe you'll see a dragonfly!

Note - along with my first Dragon of the year, there was also my first tick. It's not too early for protection and checking the usual places (hairline, crevices).

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Update Four-Four-Two-Four

The April 2024 Ohio Dragon Flyer Newsletter (33-2) is now available on the Ohio Odonata Society website.

This is the link to the newsletter archive:

The newest issue is at the top of the list. Notice too that you can get to all the past issues.

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20 de abril de 2024

April 20 Update

We're seeing increasing Odonata numbers, especially Apr 18 - where we had warm sunshine and lighter winds. Today (April 20) also appears to have been good, even though the temperature was low.

37 counties have observations so far this April, with first ever April reports from Belmont and Defiance Counties.

We're now at dozen species. As expected, Common Green Darner is a clear leader, followed by our Forktails. The Darners are flying in, same with the Saddlebags. The Forktails, Common Whitetail, Blue Corporal, and Baskettail are all emerging from our local wetlands.

There are two new County Records for Variegated Meadowhawk, in Scioto and Coshocton Counties. Variegated Meadowhawks are migrants for the south and west - brought to us on the recent storm fronts. They should be possible anywhere in the state.

Conference update - Registration for the Dragonfly Society of the Americas conference should be open soon. Watch for conference details on the Ohio Odonata Society web (

This from Dave McShaffrey: With any luck, registration will be up next Wednesday (April 24th) for the DSA meeting including the meeting registration, housing (dorms), t-shirts and workshops.

The call for abstracts has been extended to April 30. Information on proposal submission is at:

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28 de abril de 2024

End of April

2023 had our most ever April observations (367), counties (46), and species (20).

So far for 2024, we now have the most observations (500+) and the most counties (50+ so far). Also, now, the most species (23). Still possible on Blue Dasher, Skimming Bluet, Red Saddlebags, and Lancet Clubtail - these have all April records in the last three years.

Our final April days include warm weather and and a weekend - both good signs for submissions.

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