Вклад птиц в захламление леса

Если вы когда-нибудь проходили мимо мусорного полигона, то наверняка видели тучи птиц, кормящихся на отходах. А также кучи мусора во всех прилегающих к полигонам лесах и полях. Часть этого мусора просто разносится ветром, но в очередную рабочую поездку на действующий полигон в Вологодской области, мне наконец удалось заснять и вклад птиц в захламление территорий. В прилегающем лесном массиве кучи мусора сосредоточены под высокими деревьями. Помимо мусора, на земле видны следы деятельност...

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Protozoa book

From one of our members:

This is a somewhat rare/very useful book.

Apparently a few hundred copies of An Illustrated Guide to the Protozoa (2nd edition) are now available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Illustrated-Guide-Protozoa-Society-Protozoologists/dp/B000N7O6MI

New and in there original plastic. Apparently the bookstore/morgue acquired them ...

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World Bioblitz of Ukraine's 31 Years of Independence on 24Aug2022

Hello everyone and welcome to our joint project!

This one-day World BioBlitzt is dedicated to the 31st anniversary of Ukraine's independence. Professors and students of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv have come together to launch this worldwide campaign in support of Ukraine, the country suffering from brutal and destructive war.
By participating in this project, you can express your support for human rights to PEACE and FREEDOM.

The project is sched...

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Biodiversity Blitz 2022 is almost here!

Hello nature lover,

If you participated in the 2021 Biodiversity Blitz between Yarra Ranges and Greater Dandenong, Casey, Monash, Kingston, Knox, Frankston, Shire of Mornington Peninsula and Cardinia Shire we invite you to participate in this year's challenge. We need all the help we can get to take the trophy off Mornington Peninsula! This year we have Bayside Council joining the challenge.

Head over to

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iNaturalist for Beginners Webinar

Presented by Luis Mata. Luis is an ecologist and entomologist with an interest in complex systems, urban environments, sustainable agriculture, citizen science, and science communication.

This webinar will cover:
• signing up to iNaturalist
• using the phone app versus logging into the website
• how to join your council's 2022 bioblitz project
• how to take photos and upload them to iNaturalist via your phone or computer
• how to identify what you observed

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Westport Pelagic - Late July 2022 - Writeup summary

This trip to the pelagic zone off Westport and Cape Foulwind was the first of its kind ever for birding - a brief previous trip in 2002 (?) was much smaller scale and resulted in few birds seen. The boat used was a fishing vessel approximately 12 metres long and 4-5 metres wide, with an adequate open platform for viewing seabirds (and fishing, usually). There was a good group of eager bird-watchers, about 10-12. The boat crew and skipper were really nice guys and ensured everything ran s...

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Spring Bioblitz - 2 October 10am


to our first journal post for Life in the ERBG – we now have all of 7 members, but plan to grow that soon with October 2 Bioblitz! This is our official launch of the project, and hopefully the start of more great events in the future.

Please invite all your friends, relatives, colleagues – it should be a fun day out and we want to get as many obs on the board as possible. Main actions tarts at 10am, but there is an early bird walk at 8am. Registration essential!...

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Post-season Wrap-up 2022 01 - 02 October 2022

The Post-season Wrap-up is back and looking forward to seeing both amateur and professional lepidopterists in person again starting at 09:00 on Saturday, 02 October 2022.

This is an informal get together for lepidopterists both amateur and expert to socialize and discuss specimens and photos of undetermined species from the previous season. The Cornell University Insect Collection will be open and a few microscopes will be available.

Parking should be free in the nearby H...

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Imagine what you guys can find in the GSB?

Two high school students discover a new species of scorpion ( Paruroctonus soda and Paruroctonus conclusus. Close to home, close to one of the most important cities in the US. you can read a...

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New computer vision model

We’ve released a new computer vision model for iNaturalist. This is our first model update since April 2022. The iNaturalist website, mobile apps, and API are all now using this new model. Here’s what’s new and different with this change:

  • It includes 60,000 taxa (up from 55,000)
  • It was trained using a different approach than our previous models, which made it much faster to train

To see if a particular species is included in this model, you can look at...

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Calling All Pollinator Supporters!

We need your help, pollinator supporters, naturalists, and friends of the Monarchs!

Our third Parks For Pollinators BioBlitz is just a few weeks away! If you haven't marked your calendar, please note the whole month of September serves as the BioBlitz period.

This is a great opportunity to get the whole family outdoors to discover your local parks and help us to inventory our pollinators!

Watch for more info. to be posted soon!

Centre Region P...

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OK to add custom fields to your Indianhead area box turtle observations?

If you are tagged below it is because iNaturalist took off taxon geoprivacy and so now your records show up in our neighborhood box turtle project. I would like to add some custom fields to your observations for our project. It appears that I can do this, but I didn't want to do so without your permission.

You can see an example of the fields here

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A Grosbeak adventure

A male Rose-breasted Grosbeak is a beautiful thing. When a family arrived a few weeks ago, there was great cause for excitement. First seen was the male, then the female, who was a slightly duller bird then her partner. She had a streaked belly, a bold white stripe above her eye, and a yellowish breast. Of course, she was quite large, and the same size as the male, who was about as big as an American Robin. They started feeding at the feeder, then disappearing. A few days later, a juveni...

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Observation of the week – August 7-13, 2022

Our 13th OOTW is this Orange Sulphur, observed by new Butterfly Blitz participant Jonathan (@jcbteach). Jonathan took this beautiful picture in southern Mississauga, near Rattray Marsh.

This is the first time that we have written about the Orange Sulphur in an OOTW – although the closely related Clouded Sulphur has been featured...

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Calling all curators for a virtual volunteer opportunity!

As we near the end of this growing season, there are many observations of our target plants that need to be added to the project. The process of adding an observation to the project is called data curation and we could use some help with it! This is a volunteer position and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Curating data is a simple process but is a task too large for just one person. The only things you need are access to a computer and some plant ID skills. No worries if y...

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You can help protect species at risk using iNaturalist Canada

Nice to see some local contributions to this. Because of the citizen science efforts of @fylin and others we've been able to identify species at risk occurrences in Surrey that we weren't aware of. Information which is vitally important in informing our land use planning and public land management processes.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Butterfly Watching

Nice intro to butterfly ID from the Nature Conservancy.

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July Results and August Challenge

Hi Eco blitzers! How any of you made it out into the filed to look for our elusive banded gecko last month?

It has been a busy summer, sorry for the late notice we have a total of 6 banded geckos observed this year but only one from the past month. They are elusive and usually out at night. Good work Nick (cowturtle)

I apologize for the late notice for August Monthly Challenge Striped-tailed Scorpion. But you still have plenty of time this month to observe these species....

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First Painted Lady of 2022 in Ames, Iowa

On August 16, 2022, I spotted the first Painted Lady of the season here in Ames, Iowa. It was large and fresh, with damage to the right hind wing that might have been caused by a bird attempting to catch it. The butterfly was nectaring on ironweed in a planted prairie bioswale. It spent at least 20 minutes in this area visiting ironweed flowers. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/131257109


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An Evening at Tyson Acres - 8/17/2022

Photos of plants, insects and birds taken at the Tyson’s.

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Hancock BioBlitz: 19-21 August 2022

If other iNat users in the region have a free day this weekend, consider participating in Hancock's first-annual bioblitz this weekend! All observations submitted within town between Friday, August 19th and Sunday, August 21st are automatically collected by this project. Our collective goal is 500 species, with 50 new additions to the town list of 1,645 species...

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Einladung CNC meets CINEMARE am 28.08. 18h

Moin, liebe City Nature Challengers!

Mit etwas Abstand möchten wir gemeinsam mit Euch auf unsere erfolgreiche Teilnahme an der City Nature Challenge 2022 zurückblicken:
Am 27. und 28. August findet der zweite Teil des Langen Tags der Stadtnatur Kiel unter anderem mit dem Nachhaltigkeitsfestival Kiel Kann Mehr am 27.08. auf der Reventlouwiese statt.
Am 28.08. möchten wir Euch und alle Interessierte...

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August Spotted on Site newsletter

Hi all, a mid-august update on the campaign can be read here:


Best wishes for the rest of the summer holidays! Bring on autumn 🍂

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四斑細蟌(Mortonagrion hirosei Asahina, 1972)

2022-08-15 22:00 採訪/撰稿 張岱屏 攝影/剪輯 顏子惟

節肢動物門 Arthropoda » 昆蟲綱 Insecta » 蜻蛉目 Odonata » 細蟌科 Coenagrionidae (日:イトトンボ科 / 中:蟌科) » 桑色系蟌屬 Mortonagrion (日:モートンイトトンボ属 / 中:妹蟌科 *1)


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Gall week 2022

Last year some gall observers posted observations to the Gall Week 2021 project. This year Gall Week will be from Saturday, Sept. 3rd to Sunday, Sept. 11th. This is peak season for galls in Britain & Ireland so I hope we may add more observations & species than last year. I'll be tagging some particularly prolific gallers in a subsequent post inviting them to join the Gall Week 2022 project.


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Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2022

Birding and snorkeling in the Balkans.

Podgorica - Cetinje - Budva - Sarajevo - Travnik - Jajce - Plivsko jezero - Ramsko jezero - Mostar - Blagaj - Stolac - Hutovo Blato

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Информация о виде

Благодаря общим усилиям пользователей iNaturalist на платформе накоплен огромный массив статистических данных. Посмотрите, что можно узнать, если вбить в строку поиска название вида в нашем новом видео.

Помните, что это только те данные, которые собраны пользователями-энтузиастами, поэтому считать их исчерпывающими и полагаться только на них не стоит.

Ссылка на пост с видео: https://vk.com/nkamapark?w=...

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