January 20 - Ohio Odonata Numbers

Charting All the Data by Day

Here's a couple charts updated with the 2022 additions. Compare previous in the Feb 10 Journal.

First the total observations

This looks similar to last year, just with an adjusted scale (increase).

Jun 24 now busiest day with 2,401 observations, up by nearly 500 from last year's high of 1,921 on Jun 23.

The span of days with over 1,000 observations per day has expanded, now May 29 to Aug 15 (79 days). Last year's range was Jun 11 to Jul 20 (40 days).

Now the Species by Day

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This project is to update information on the distribution and abundance of Ohio dragonflies and damselflies. It is an update from the first Ohio Odonata Survey which ran from 1991 to 2000.

The first survey was entirely based up museum specimens, new collections of specimens, and published articles in peer reviewed journals. Photography has advanced greatly since then, and this site ...mais ↓

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