Mid June

Nearly Summer on the calendar, certainly summer looking at the temperatures.

And we're rolling with Odonata observations. Now over 15,000 for the 2024 season. Over 600 research grade contributors. This highlights a good effort by our naturalist community.

We are at 115 species - not bad. Surprising numbers on some of the Clubtails. Splendid, Handssome, Cobra, Dusky, Plains, and Rusty Snaketails are all having really good seasons.

Early fliers that we have missed so far are Marsh Bluet, Chalk-fronted Corporal, Boreal Bluet, Northern Spreadwing, Frosted Whiteface, American Emerald, and Riffle Snaketail - no surprises here as these are never reported in big numbers, and several seem to be on the decline. We had a few Four-spotted Skimmer that survived the Ohio summer (2023) and winter. We were hoping for more, but nice to have a few.

37 species have new county records in 40 counties, for a running total of 61 new county records. This is a good number, ...mais ↓

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This project is to update information on the distribution and abundance of Ohio dragonflies and damselflies. It is an update from the first Ohio Odonata Survey which ran from 1991 to 2000.

The first survey was entirely based up museum specimens, new collections of specimens, and published articles in peer reviewed journals. Photography has advanced greatly since then, and this site ...mais ↓

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