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03 de junho de 2022

June 2 Update

Dragonflies and Damselflies are in the air. The 2022 season is now in full swing. Numbers have really picked up in the last 10 days. We are now well over 4000 observations, 86 species, and nearly 250 different contributors. This is our best start ever.

Eastern Forktail is the most reported species with 600+ observations. Fragile Forktail has been reported in the most counties with 64. Nearly 100 different people have reported Common Whitetail.

Franklin Co has the most observations by a wide margin. Only 6 counties have not yet had any observations (Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison, Monroe, Muskingum, Tuscarawas). Franklin Co also has the most different people reporting. Montgomery Co has the most species so far, close behind is Stark and Lucas.

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11 de junho de 2022

June 10 Update

There we are.

I'd been waiting for several days to get to 100 species on the year. That happened today (6/10) with the kimsmith observations of Golden-winged Skimmer and kent_miller observed of Green-faced Clubtail. So we're now at 101.

We are over 6500 observations on the year and 3000 in the first 10 day of June. If we continue this pace we're in for one of the best months ever.

Good going everyone!

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16 de junho de 2022

Mid-June Update

Days are hot and buggy - Great for Odonata, perhaps less comfortable for Odonata Observers.

Number are pouring in, it's challenging to keep up with all the IDs.

For Jun - so far - over 5,000 submissions, 4,400+ IDs to species. 97 species. As it stands, Jun 11 was our busiest day so far, 566 submission, 517 IDs, 61 species, 64 observers.

For the 2022 season - nearly 8,500 research grade observations, 107 species. 44 new county records. Eastern Forktail continues as our most commonly observed Ode, with a big lead over Fragile Forktail. Franklin Co reporting the most records (899) and most observers (53), and Lucas and Stark Co's have recorded the most species (53).

Counties with the lowest observation numbers:
Carroll (4), Gallia (4), Henry (3), Putnam (2), Muskingum (1), Washington (1), Monroe (0)

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