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04 de dezembro de 2020

December Update

Hello! Our new mantra - I hope you are healthy and doing what you can to stay safe. CoVid is on an unfortunate tear through our lives, impacting everything.

Our Dragonfly season is nearly done - if not complete already (I'm missing them already). To that end, please have your 2020 (or earlier) observations submitted as soon as possible. I will be exporting data and going through my load process for a new version of the Ohio Odonata database.

There is a new Ohio Odonata Society (OOS) newsletter (December 2020). You may or may not be aware of the OOS - a group of Dragonfly enthusiasts that typically has an annual meeting and generally supports Odonata activities in the state. If you didn't get the newsletter, and think you should have, please let me know. Also, if you're not an OOS member but would like to see the newest newsletter, send your name and email address to - or message me through iNat at jimlem.

best regards - Jim

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