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11 de dezembro de 2015


I knew that there were wasps in Aoteroa as I have caught glimpses of them over the years, but I have never stopped to really look at them until I joined this site.

Now what made me start to notice wasps was the German wasp, whose photo is below, landed one day on the deck seat. I rushed off to grab my camera and came back and he was still there, so I started taking photos and he slowly turned around. Poser!

A few days later I was photographing the pohutukawa blooms (and practising my photography at the same time). Once I had a lot of photos I loaded them onto my pc and that is when I saw that there was a wasp on one of the flowers.

A few photos later there is another wasp, but it didn't look the same as the first one. Ahhhh did this mean that there was more than one type?

Yep, sure did and they come in different colours which really helps when it comes to identifying them. Far easier than plants!

Here is the collection of wasps on one tree at one time as well as the german wasp.

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The Little Trickies Lurking at Home

I've learnt so much on this site, the names of plants, birds and insects that I have seen all my life but not really seen and it is a great learning experience which goes to show that the saying "you are never to old to learn" it so true!

So I have been learning the basic names of plants and just when I think I can recognise them, some become tricky just to catch me out!

Coprosma Neglecta and Coprosma Rhamnoides
It all stated with a coprosma that I photographed and there was a discussion about which one it was.
That started me on the search to be able to identify the different ones, which I have managed to do so now I feel I can say that I can spot those ones and get the variety right.

Basically the C.neglecta grows like a ground cover while the C.rhamnoides grows like a small shrub.

Muehlenbeckia complexa and Muehlenbeckia complexa var. complexa Scrambling Pohuehue and Small-leaved pohuehue
Next I came across the pohuehue, or scambling pohuehue. Sweet, got another one I can recognise. But no, after 2 different obs of those I put up another one and find that it is the Small-leaved pohuehue! I'm still working out the differences of those so I can spot and name them correctly. And there is also another variety that is up my ways that I have not even spotted yet!

have to be careful what one says in haste ... but moving on, muehlenbeckias have alternate leaves and ochrea (translucent/papery bracts at base of leaf) whereas coprosmas all have opposite leaves - and fused stipules between the adjacent petioles.

Pimelea urvilleana and Pimelea villosa
The latest ones to trick me are from the Riceflowers whanau.

I had a couple of obs that were P.urvilleana and then got another plant photo, put it up with that name (but still asking for ID) and well well. Not that one but P.villosa

The difference is that P.urvilleana has a creeping habit while P.villosa grows only in sand and more of a shrub.

I bet there is still another variety that I have not photographed yet and will catch me ot just when I think I have these two sorted :D

And I am so sure that there are ones that have not even revealed their trickyness yet! Love it!

Below are the little trickies I have found so far :D

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12 de dezembro de 2015

Areas of Henderson Bay

Default Area
Accessible from the main carpark at the end of Henderson Bay Road this area is from the top of the cliffs out to the edge of the rocks at low tide. The northern end is the gut past the lagoon while the southern end is the first creek.

Dunes Area
The main dunes area is in the middle of the beach accessible from the main carpark. It runs from the second creek down to the third creek.
Please tag observations from this area as Dunes Area

Southern End
The southern end of the beach accessible from the main carpark. It starts at the third creek all the way down to the end of the beach.
Please tag observations from this area as Southern End

Pink Beach
The beach area that is accessible from Kauere Road. The area is from the bottom of the cliffs out to the rocks that are exposed at low tide.
Please tag observations from this area as Pink Beach

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