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14 de fevereiro de 2016

The Blue Fleet Has Landed at Otaipango

The blue fleet is a term coined by Sir Alistair Hardy to describe a community of creatures that float around in the oceans including the bluebottles, sea swallows, violet snails, blue buttons and by the wind sailors. Most people who frequent a beach would have come across at least some of them, probably the bluebottles or the by the wind sailors.

All of these creatures float around on the oceans with the sea swallows feeding on most of them. The venom of the blue bottles do not affect the sea swallows as they eat the tentacles and use the toxins as their own defense, making them more dangerous than the blue bottles!

On the 11 February 2016 the whole fleet landed at Otaipango which is the Maori for Henderson Bay, in the real far north of New Zealand. From what I have gathered it is very rare to have the whole fleet land at once!

Not only did the fleet land I am sure that they all spawned here as the next day there were 100's of junvnile bluebottles, sea swallows, blue buttons and by the wind sailors!

Below are photos taken on the 11 Feb 2016 of the different creatures of the blue fleet, with the exception of the Recluzia rollandiana (last photo) which has a better photo taken the next day.

I have also added another by the wind sailor with the seaweed (first photo) that was taken on 24 January 2016 so that you could see how it would look at sea, as well as the one taken on 11 Feb when it was found washed up (second photo) and how most people would see them.

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