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20 de novembro de 2015

Getting the Right Photos for Orchids, Tangle Ferns and Grasses

It is a pity that in an easy to find place in this site there is not a photo guide as I have found out that to get a good id for certain plants I need a photo of certain parts. Now while taking photos in my backyard means that I can always go back and get another photo if need be, not knowing what I need to get in a photo when further afield means that I can not easily go back to get that missing shot.

So here is my summary of what is needed for what.

In order to get the orchid properly identified, you must get a photo of the flower. Thankfully I learnt that from the orchids in my own back yard so when I went for a wander down a track the other day and saw orchids, I knew exactly what to photograph.

Tangle Ferns
Sadly I did not know at the time that I first came across a tangle fern that in order to help with identification I needed a photo of the back of the fern. That was not taken in my back yard so I will have to wait a while until I am roaming up that ways again to get a photo so that I can get an accurate id.

I think I will take photos of all of the underside of leaves for all ferns that are not in my backyard from now on.

Close ups of the seeds or flowers is vital to get a good id of the grasses and again I was not aware of this when I was wandering away from home. Thankfully the photos that I took were large enough so that I could take a cut and not reduce it to get a large enough photo of the seed heads. However, if I had known this before I could have also got the photo and maybe got an id straight away instead of having to make more photos.

Hmm, I guess I should get an overview photo as well as a close up of leaves, flowers and berries if present for all plants. And the underside for ferns.

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