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03 de janeiro de 2019

Hunt for a Blue Tube Worm that's Not

I am sure we all know the blue tube worm Spirobranchus cariniferus but there is also the Spirobranchus taeniatus which looks exactly the same except for one distinguishing feature:
single crest running the length of the tube and the pinkish-purple bar along the base of the crest

This has only been spotted once in Rodney so can we find any more? (The obs with more info)

NOTE: The blue tube worm Spirobranchus cariniferus has a blue bar as seen in the photo below

Happy Hunting!

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05 de janeiro de 2019

Hunt for a Small Red Sea Cucumber

Today @wild_wind posted up this obs taken at Island Bay, Wellington of a small red cucumber so something new to look for.

Found in the intertidal zone in a rock pool with neptune's necklace, you need really good eyes to spot this.

The first photo shows the critter

The next photo shows it in situ - look for the small red in the middle of the photo - this will give you an idea of how small it is!

Happy Hunting!

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20 de janeiro de 2019

Ngahere and Moana in One Day

Both the ngahere and the moana are special places and at home I have the option of going to either the ngahere or the moana as there are all of the dune habitats that border on the moana.

However, as I am in Tamaki Makau Rau at the moment, on Sat 19 Jan 2019 @pjd1 picked me up and after a great korero and kai at his kainga with his lovely wife and children, he took me and one of his sons' to Kendall Bay, a place that I have not been to before.

Arriving at the place where we parked we went through a ngahere and wow! I could recognise some plants but there were alot of ones I had never seen before and naturally I had a camera with me. After wandering through the ngahere we arrived at the beach, without any of the usual dune habitat that I am used to.

The beach was different from what I am used to habitat wise and diversity wise, but we still found new things to photograph. Once the tide was on its way in, we headed up another track through the ngahere and I had to marvel at how it was possible to visit both the moana and ngahere in one day at one location.

To @pjd1 for all of your time and sharing this special place with me and to Theo our keen spotter, from the bottom of my heart, this was a truly wonderful day!

Below are the 8 life firsts for me - a mix of moana and ngahere :D

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31 de janeiro de 2019

Wow! Check out this Series of Photos of the Fleet

@indeynz has been lurking at home while I have been away and just put up these stunning photos of the fleet

Showing great details on the Dwarf Janthina Janthina exigua

View more Blue Fleet photos that Indeynz has just uploaded!

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