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12 de outubro de 2015

Native NZ Orchids.

I love this website! It is a great place for me to learn more and more about the world around me and the world that I live in.

I did not know for example that here in NZ there were native orchids, but I stumbled on some in August and was advised that they needed to flower in order to be able to identify what native orchid it was.

So for the past 6 weeks I have lurked around that path, wandering down it every few days or so and finally there are a few in flower! Camera in hand, the photos taken and uploaded here, I will now be able to get it properly identified.

Im also going to reasearch to see if I can transplant them or how to wild propagate them so I can get more growing in another area where the micro climate on the path where they are growing is basically the same. Should be an interesting experiment.

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