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14 de março de 2018

Blue Fleet Monitoring Southern Africa

How exciting! Here is another Blue Fleet project that monitors what lands where in Southern Africa.

Blue Community (s Afr)

It is interesting to see that the most observed species in both projects is the bluebottle, but the rest of the top 5 are in a different order with our Janthina exigua (number 4 on our list) not recorded in that project, or anywhere else in the world apart from our little country :)

However, they do have the Argonaut in their project, so I will have to do more research and if that is a part of the Blue Fleet I can add in the 9 obs we already have recorded of the Knobby Argonaut (Argonauta nodosa) found in NZ. Would you say that is a part of the Blue Fleet @clinton?

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23 de março de 2018

New Species Added for the Blue Fleet

The nudibranch Fiona pinnata is part of the blue fleet and there is one record of it found by @indeynz at Tapotupotu

The floatsman crab (Planes cyaneus) and the drifter crab (Planes marinus) are pelagic and also a part of the Blue Fleet, so I have added these to the project.

Flotsam Crab Planes cyaneus

We do not have many records of them, mainly at home and also one obs from Anawhata Beach recorded by @jacqui-nz

Something new to look out for :)

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26 de março de 2018

Exploring a "Tropical Aquarium"

The Indian Ocean on the West Coast of Australia has a current that brings tropical fish down and being in the water here is like being in a tropical aquarium and we explored it at Yallingup, a three hour trip south of Perth.

From fish so green that to see them against the green plants is a fluke, to the fish that look like angel fish and a whole lot of others that were swimming around. The variety in one place is more than I have seen anywhere else.

Naturally I do not know what any of the fish are so started with "fish" but because of the wonderful Australasian Fishes Project, I dropped all of the fishy obs into that and got IDs for alot of them :D

I have selected a few of the different varieties that we saw to show the diversity that is in this one place.

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