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10 de agosto de 2020

27k observations

We just broke 27k. Can we get a thousand more observations by the end of the month.

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26 de agosto de 2020

Golden Sedge

This species of sedge (Carex aurea) is missing from the state as a whole. It can be found in wet areas, with soil that has a basic ph. Its fruits are a golden orange in color.


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01 de agosto de 2020

July review

Wow, it’s August. Kinda snuck up on me, and with the clouds today it feels like September or October. July was a good month though, even with our heat wave.

Overall stats
Observations: 26,492
Species: 2,540

New observations: 1567
Observations per day : 52

New species: 81
New species per day: 2.7
New species per observation: 1/20

New species:
Plants: 36
Birds: 2
Mammals: 3
Amphibians: 0
Reptiles: 0
Insects: 29
Fungi: 4
Arachnids: 4
Fishes: 2
Other: 1
Mollusks: 0
Chromista: 0
Protozoans: 0

81 new species for July. I am always surprised at how many species call this county home. Thank you to everyone who participates and happy exploring.

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24 de agosto de 2020

Oregon spotted Frog

One of the species that is missing from the county is an amphibian known as the Oregon Spotted Frog. Its status is listed as threatened by Oregon Fish and Wildlife. They are found in areas with perennial water that has shallow areas and aquatic plants. There has never been a record in this county, but I believe there may be one out there, or that the habitat will be created through restoration eventually.

Link to more info on this rare species

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28 de agosto de 2020


We you guys did it. Today the project cracked 28k observations, can we get another 250 to 500 before the first? Thank you to everyone who has participated in adding to this great land we call Washington County. There will always be more to find, and I am so happy with what you guys find daily.

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