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01 de julho de 2020

June review

It is officially July, the 7th month of the year. Usually this means warmer weather, but with that brings flurries of life as bay animals learn to move and fi d their place in the world. Plants continue to flower and produce fruits and nuts and grains. Shorebirds and other migrants make their way south once more, stopping to rest in wetlands and mashes. So lets have a great July.

Overall June was another great month for this project.

Overall stats
Observations: 24,925
Species: 2,459

New observations: 1,891
Observations per day : 63

New species: 99
New species per day: 3.3
New species per observation: 1/20

New species:
Plants: 47
Birds: 1
Mammals: 2
Amphibians: 0
Reptiles: 0
Insects: 39
Fungi: 3
Arachnids: 3
Fishes: 0
Other: 0
Mollusks: 4
Chromista: 0
Protozoans: 1

Lets see if we can get 2000 new observations for July.

Happy exploring

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