July review

Wow, it’s August. Kinda snuck up on me, and with the clouds today it feels like September or October. July was a good month though, even with our heat wave.

Overall stats
Observations: 26,492
Species: 2,540

New observations: 1567
Observations per day : 52

New species: 81
New species per day: 2.7
New species per observation: 1/20

New species:
Plants: 36
Birds: 2
Mammals: 3
Amphibians: 0
Reptiles: 0
Insects: 29
Fungi: 4
Arachnids: 4
Fishes: 2
Other: 1
Mollusks: 0
Chromista: 0
Protozoans: 0

81 new species for July. I am always surprised at how many species call this county home. Thank you to everyone who participates and happy exploring.

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I was impressed with the new birds and mammals. Birds were rose breasted grosbeak and lark sparrow. I can’t remember the new mammals though.

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Would have loved to have either of those!

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