Micaela Neal

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Hey there! I'm 28, a Florida native, and (intermittently) studying psychology. I grew up on Sanibel Island, so I have a special place in my heart for life native to there. I'm also fond of Caribbean marine species, as a result of multiple summers spent earning scuba certifications (up to Divemaster) on catamaran trips around the BVIs and the Windward Islands. And I'm very familiar with species at Disney's Animal Kingdom (and elsewhere at Walt Disney World), so I like to post observations from there even if they're just casual-grade. I'm also a particular fan of birds. At the moment, all I (usually) have to document species with is my phone, so my photos may not always be the best. But sometimes I have a much nicer Nikon D750! I just love "collecting" all these different species, and I don't think I'll slow down soon! :)


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