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🏳️‍🌈 Disabled artist, herpetoculturist, and bird enjoyer on Florida's east coast. If pronouns are important to you then she/they please.

I've been a Florida resident for all 27 of my years and consider myself very lucky to live right by the amazingly diverse Indian River Lagoon. My camera is a simple point'n shoot (nikon coolpix a900 35x with wide optical zoom). I am very grateful for any IDs on my photos and if something is incorrect PLEASE let me know and give me a correct ID. I am especially grateful for explanations on what/why I was wrong. I'm here to learn as well as share!

If you are an artist of any kind, all of my photos are available to use as references!
For more bird photos, my eBird profile is here:

I like to fave lots of submissions, regardless of their "quality". Most of the time it's because I think it would be a helpful artistic reference but there are lots of times where I see something that makes me smile so I just hit the heart button.

‼️ Don't know if a bird is a corm or anhinga? feel free to ping me! I may not always be able to ID the corm but I can almost always tell when it isn't an anhinga ‼️

Please feel free to also ping me on
▸North American Grackles! please show me grackles. Seriously. i love to help ID them but mostly i just enjoy looking at them. if i proc a notif on an old observation of yours chances are it's a grackle as they get mis-ID'd a lot and it's a goal of mine to help ID as many as i can.
▸images that might need their color or brightness tweaked with editing software to help an ID (I use Photoshop CS4)
▸pictures of pelecaniformes facing forward. makes for some of the best bird photos trust me.

⚡ Currently in the process of finding and joining projects! If I have joined your project but have not added anything yet it's because I have a lot to sort through so please be patient and bear with me as I filter them all!

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