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26 - 🏳️‍🌈 - disabled - treasure coast florida

woodworker and illustrator / herpetoculturist / hobbyist photographer

just here to share photos, most of which will be from around my own property. i use a simple point'n shoot camera (nikon coolpix a900 35x with wide optical zoom). i am very grateful for any IDs on my photos!

  • the anhinga is my favorite native bird and the american alligator is my favorite native reptile
  • there's a pair of osprey that live right behind my house that i will probably post often; i hope you enjoy their photos! i've been keeping an eye on them for almost 8 years
  • i have an interest in herpetoculture and am hoping to work with the colombian tegu, dumeril's monitor, and curly-tailed lizards in the future. i also make my own decor and enclosures
  • much of my physical artwork and illustration focuses on my state's native species

if you are an artist of any kind, all of my photos are available to use as references!

i like to fave lots of photo submissions, regardless of their "quality". most of the time it's because i think it would be a helpful artistic reference but there are lots of times where i see something that makes me smile so i just hit the heart button.

don't know if a bird is a corm or anhinga? feel free to ping me! i may not always be able to id the corm but i can almost always tell when it isn't an anhinga.

UPDATE: my submissions have kind of tanked lately due to worsening impairments as well as the situation with the virus. currently trying to find the motivation to get back outside in a safe manner.

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