Pauline Walsh Jacobson

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I'm an artist, photographer and citizen scientist retired from a career in cartography and geographic information systems, so I love that iNaturalist is georeferenced.

I have been taking photos most of my life, and underwater photography became my passion when I received my scuba diving certification in 1994. I also enjoy photographing flora and fauna in the natural areas near where my husband and I live in Florida. My Flickr gallery contains over 12,000 images of marine life, and is continually being updated:

I rely on ID books, Internet resources and knowledgeable scientist friends for identification of species. I don't always get them right, so input from the experts here on iNaturalist are always welcome.

I see iNaturalist as a place to share my extensive library of nature images so they can continue to be used/useful long after I am gone.

Everyone is welcome to use my photos for non-commercial research and/or educational purposes. If you need a higher resolution version of a photo for a project, I will be happy to provide one.

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