A Year in Review

It has been one year since the creation of this project, and a lot has been done with the curation of mints from the Continental US and Canada. The total number of verifiable observations in this project has increased from ~346k to ~508k, and the percentage of research grade has also increased from 71.93% to 76.48%. That's a huge deal! And it's thanks to lot of great curatorial work by a couple hundred people in the last year.

Some individuals have put in hundreds of hours to ID species they know and care about.  @alan_prather and @pynklynx have been plugging away at Monarda, @polemoniaceae has been cleaning up Scutellaria, @igor_kuzmin has added IDs to just about every Glechoma observation, @kschoon is sharing his Trichostema dissertation knowledge, @brothernorbert takes care of Eurasian non-natives like Ajuga, and @moritz3 made a huge impact on Lamium species. Many others have put in incredible amounts of work on other groups too, and I'd love to acknowledge the rest of the top 100 IDers here:

@jrebman @sambiology @grnleaf @graysquirrel @else @mcaple @erininmd @tsn @moritz3 @jayhorn @matt_g @cosmiccat @connlindajo @vandalsen @popb25 @lanechaffin @aguilita @joshua_tx @catchang @csledge @kai_schablewski @wdvanhem @brent_baker @matthias55 @franpfer @adiamond @lfelliott @nathantaylor @peakaytea @tminatbe @bouteloua @alabamaplants @sadawolk @apgarm @pucak @ghostburglar @cwbarrows @tlit46 @andyjones1 @conboy @glmory @oxalismtp @esummerbell @srall @arboretum_amy @maryah @oceanicwilderness @j_appleget @sedgequeen @serpophaga @ajwright @wildlandblogger @corey22 @tkoffel @aarongunnar @prairie_rambler @kathrynwells333 @jim_keesling @charlie @jrichardabbott @seanblaney @stevejones @gwynethgovers @nana10 @evan8 @marykeim @alan_prather @philipwoodscc @je9h @sterrett @ken_j_allison @sganley @ericpo1 @txlorax @raymie @schoenitz @cyndie42 @mjpapay @eknuth @suz @marthar @cedric_lee @lcplinske @alisonnorthup @choess @rymcdaniel @ronstephens @borisbolshakov @johnwampler @bacchusrock @katermorgan @fernslu @rednat @birgitknorr @ronvanderhoff @kueda

Thanks for all the work you do, and I hope you can continue to improve these observations in 2022!

If you want some ideas for chipping away at this collection, check out previous posts or click on the links below.

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Question, why does the project exclude Plectranthinae?

Publicado por arboretum_amy 7 meses antes (Sinalizar)

I excluded Plectranthinae because it's been a bit of a curatorial nightmare. So much coleus.... In my opinion, there's nothing in Plectranthinae that warrants inclusion apart from a couple Plectranthus/Coleus individuals that hopped off a mother plant and haven't managed to spread. I'd still consider those cultivated barring future evidence of spreading and persistence.

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@alex_abair Thanks very much, Alex!

Publicado por kathrynwells333 7 meses antes (Sinalizar)

Thank you. It’s so nice to get good feedback.

Publicado por maryah 7 meses antes (Sinalizar)

@alex_abair Wow! Thanks Alex! Happy that I can put the knowledge that I've gained over the years to help others ID their observations..

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Thanks for all the hard work and I am always learning from you and so many listed here.

Publicado por oceanicwilderness 7 meses antes (Sinalizar)

Very nice!

Publicado por alabamaplants 7 meses antes (Sinalizar)

It's been a lot of fun, and I've learned a lot, too! Great community here, thanks everyone.

Publicado por alan_prather 7 meses antes (Sinalizar)

Thanks, Alex. : )

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