13 de novembro de 2019


Rod Lagace said he's known for awhile when the bighorns come down from the mountains, normally between October and the next rain.


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11 de novembro de 2019

As bears move into Sonoma County, wildlife advocates seek to keep them safe, wild.

Data from California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife reflects a sometimes adverse human-bear relationship in Mendocino County and other rural North Coast counties, where the bear population is particularly dense.


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07 de novembro de 2019

New campaign to support in North County Wildlife ‘Missing Lynx’ promotes wildlife corridors.

ESCONDIDO — The Escondido Creek Conservancy has launched “The Missing Lynx” campaign to establish permanently protected wildlife corridors in North San Diego County.


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Gray Whale Found Washed Up on Agate Beach.

A gray whale was discovered washed up on Agate Beach yesterday amid an elevated number of strandings along the west coast of North America this year that has scientists working to uncover the reason for the anomaly.


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04 de novembro de 2019

Incredibly close whale encounter stirs emotions.

A group of Southern California boaters on Sunday enjoyed a humpback whale encounter so intimate that at least one person was left crying in the moments afterward.


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02 de novembro de 2019

California Crab Season Delayed to Nov. 23 to Protect Whales From Entanglement.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife today announced a delay of the Nov. 15 opening of commercial Dungeness crab season to reduce the risk of whale entanglements. This preliminary decision to delay the opening to Nov. 23 was based on data indicating the prevalence of whales off California presents an elevated entanglement risk.


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01 de novembro de 2019

After Getting Whaled on by Environmentalists, the Trump Administration Is Helping a Vulnerable Sea Mammal.

In one of the populations, for instance, there are fewer than 800 individual whales left, experts estimated in 2017, while other populations are made up of tens of thousands of individuals.


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28 de outubro de 2019


Our children will have a whale
Of a tale to tell
Their grandchildren of plastics
On the horizon spread like an island.


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26 de outubro de 2019

All for the Benefit of Bats: CDFW Celebrates “Bat Week” in California.

October 24-31 is Bat Week, an annual international celebration of these fascinating winged mammals and the important role they play in our environment.

California is home to 25 species of bats, ranging from the commonly found Mexican free-tailed bat, a medium-sized bat that makes its home in caves, attics, under bridges and in abandoned structures, and canyon bat, smallest of California’s bats with a wingspan of about seven inches, to the western mastiff bat, which has a wingspan of almost two feet.


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24 de outubro de 2019

Volunteer docents needed at San Simeon beaches during elephant seal mating season.

California State Parks and Friends of the Elephant Seal are looking for volunteers for a new Winter Guide program.

Every winter, elephant seals arrive on the beaches of San Simeon to mate and give birth. The spectacle has become an attraction for tourists who come for a look at the hundreds of seals that line the beaches.


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