Update - Early September

There is news. Our Dragonfly Project went over 200,000 submissions on 9/4. We also crossed over 32,000 research grade observations for 2023. 200 thousand is amazing, I don't think any of us thought in those numbers when we started this project for the 2017 season. 32 thousand records puts us well ahead of our 5-year average, trailing only 2022 - and we might be able to get close to 2022.

Common Whitetail joined the County-Complete list. Orange Bluet and Prince Baskettail are only 7 counties short of being County-Complete. But days are getting shorter, numbers are still OK, but diversity decreases with each day from now on. More details to follow.

Early flight dates should now be complete unless some early season observations arrive. We set new early flight for 11 species this season. We also have 2 species (Jade Clubtail and Painted Skimmer) that set new late flight dates - there may be more depending on our fall weather.

With the sightings of Smoky Rubyspot, our species count is now 134. This is 4 below the 5-year average. Hurricane winds may have sent us some southern species - be on the lookout!

Eastern Forktail is maintaining a lead over Eastern Pondhawk as most reported species. The 2022 leader, Blue Dasher, is #5 for the year. The top 20 species all have more than 500 observations. Halloween Pennant and American Rubyspot are close. Autumn Meadowhawk will also be in the running by the end of the year.

Franklin Co went over the 3,000 mark for 2023 observations. Franklin/2023 is now very close to Lucas/2022 for the most observations in a year. Franklin and Ashtabula now have as many observations as the bottom 42 counties. 9 counties have fewer than 100 observations. Lowest is Wood, then Paulding, Allen, Highland, Huron, Monroe, Meigs, Defiance, Clinton.

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Monroe and Meigs at 100 for 2023, I believe. Planning to head to Huron county this weekend for one more pass. Thanks for the stats and goals!

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