Mar 1 - Common Green Darner Month

Now March. It’s possible to see Odonata in March - mostly Common Green Darner. Maybe not right away, but soon. Last year, the flight season set a new early date, by starting on March 6. We've already had some nymph observations for 2023.

Here’s a map of Counties with observations in March. Darker where observations are in the last 5 years. Montgomery and Coshocton have one or two more than the other counties. Notice counties with observations – north to south, east to west. If your county isn’t purple, here’s your chance to get in data!

Species Earliest
Flight Date
All Data
Recent Years
Variegated Meadowhawk
Sympetrum corruptum
12-Mar 4 1 Yes
Fragile Forktail
Ischnura posita
20-Mar 2 No
Common Green Darner
Anax junius
6-Mar 24 22 Yes
Swamp Darner
Epiaeschna heros
29-Mar 1 1 Maybe

Many of our earliest sightings are individuals that are migrating on the spring stormfronts. They can drop out of the sky at any wetland, or maybe your backyard.

Posted on 01 de março de 2023, 03:51 PM by jimlem jimlem


Had a little fun spotting odes on a recent Caribbean cruise. Can't wait to see them here!

Publicado por whateverwatcher cerca de 1 ano antes

Hopeful! Come on spring stormfronts. Tired of this wintry weather.

Publicado por sallypsandpiper cerca de 1 ano antes

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