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How are we?

A fairly common question is 'how are we doing?' There are different ways to consider. From the data, we can look at the combinations of county and species. To date, we have 6,671 combinations of the 88 Ohio counties and the possible 173 species. This number grows as County Records are established. We can compare this cumulative number to individual years, or perhaps more enlightening in a multi-year accumulation. A 5-year look smooths the curves. The chart shows the most recent 20 years. In beige is cumulative co|sp value - as theoretical maximum growing year by year (scale is on the left). The aqua is the 5 year value (left scale). The red line is the percent of the theoretical max accounted for in the 5 year running accumulation (scale is on the right). Note that prior to the start of the statewide survey, the percent observed was in the teens. We are now over 75% - meaning three quarters of the documented co|sp pairs are being recorded in the recent 5 year period. This helps answer the question - better, and pretty good.

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