09 de abril de 2018

Let spring begin!

Though there's a couple of inches of slushy snow on the ground this morning, there can be no doubt that spring is here. The pussy willows are blooming and temperatures will move into the 60s later in the week.

This year I will once again focus on my Bogus Run project, and am hoping to add quite a number of bird species to the inventory. I will continue to study pollinating insects, and will try to add other invertebrates, particularly those that may be sand country specialists. I'd like to inventory some of the aquatic species, especially fish, but we'll see if I really get around to that.

My first big push will be neo-tropical migrants and other springtime birds -- should be an interesting challenge.

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14 de março de 2017

What I'm Doing

I've been collecting photos and sometimes audio recording of observations of the natural world for a long time, but it's difficult to keep them organized in a way that's convenient for me and possibly contributes a little to scientific knowledge. This platform seems well designed to do both of these things so I'm moving some of the highlights here while I still remember the details.

No doubt I'll learn some better practices for doing this as I work, but at least I'm getting started.

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