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Survey Target Counties for 2023

Last season (2022) saw progress based on published goals. See the 2022 journal articles March 04, March 12, July 13 and the January 04, 2023 journal for description and progress. We moved the needle considerably on observations, less so on species.

Goals are good. Looking at county data provides a view on where we need more attention (#observations, #species, comparison to historical, comparison to adjacent counties). The map of counties, below, highlights these target counties. The darker the color, the greater the need. Four counties are at the top of the needs list - Van Wert, Hardin, Noble, and Brown. Everything highlighted needs more species. Finding new species requires people looking.

If your county is blank, good job. Keep it up and maybe venture to one of the green counties.

An extra bit (the +'s) helps see relative need compared to 2022. Each + sign indicates the multiple of the 2022 observations we need in 2023 to keep relative pace to the overall survey. Back to our priority targets - Van Wert was the 2022 low for observations (52), and one of the 4 counties that had just a single observer. Van Wert is also on the low side in total observations (649). If we pick a target of getting to 1,000 observations, we need 7 times the 2022 observation count. 1,000 observations for every county may be ambitious, but again, goals are good.

More to come.

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Always appreciate these updates!
With such a defined list of target counties, I wonder if someone could do outreach to specific state parks and metroparks, asking if they'd do some promotion of the effort to their visitors. For instance, Grand Lake Saint Marys State Park is in Mercer & Auglaize counties - two in green.
Just a thought.

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