Mid-August Update

Cooling evenings and shorter days, some species numbers seem to be trending down. But we have late summer species picking up!

It's been a couple weeks since we've had a report on Painted Skimmer, so they may be one of the species that are done. The historical late date for Painted is Aug 9. For 2022 we have 278 observations. This nearly double the previous high of 143 in 2019 and is one of the stand out species for the year.

Another species with good numbers is Ebony Jewelwing - and it's not done yet. Our latest observation for Ebony is Sep 26. We have 1,008 observations at this point. The previous high is 1015 in 2019. We should be able to push past that number.

Altogether, there are 27 species that will have their most observations in a year. Ten or so additional species could end the season with highest ever numbers.

County Complete!

Fragile Forktail is now recorded in all 88 Ohio counties! Thanks to monicap273 for the two Aug 12 observations.

Widow Skimmer is now complete (8/16). I’ll post the observations for Van Wert and Paulding later this week.

Who's next?

Species: Needed Counties
Blue Dasher: Wyandot
Common Whitetail: Morgan
Eastern Forktail: Athens, Scioto
Eastern Pondhawk: Knox, Wyandot
Eastern Amberwing: Knox, Pike, Wyandot

600 Observation Goals met!

With the research grade observations for 2022, all counties that were targeted to get to 600 observations have reached the goal. Thanks to everyone that contributed.

60 Species Goals still out there.

Progress on the goal of getting all counties to 60 species is taking more time. Counties with the most need are Noble and Van Wert. They each need 10. Belmont (8), Seneca (7), and Brown (7) are next in line.

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Thanks for the update.

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