August 2/3rds +

Now over 27,000 research grade observations for 2022. With the arrival of Smoky Rubyspot and Green-striped Darner we're at 133 species for the year. Looking for Elusive Clubtail, Ocellated Darner, Striped Saddlebags, Variegated Meadowhawk. These four sp would put us at 137. The 141 for 2020 is probably out of reach unless we have some extraordinary good luck.

There are still observations coming in for earlier in the year. We are well above previous high numbers for May (4,067) and Jun (10,980). Jul numbers still below 2019 - but climbing.

Eastern Pondhawk numbers are rising quickly, sights set on taking over top spot from Blue Dasher. We should soon see a spike in the number of Autumn Meadowhawk reported. We're on track compared to recent years, with more to come - Autumn Meadowhawk recently being the top-reported species in Sep, Oct, and Nov.

Thanks to recent submissions from monicap273, we now have a number of species reported for all 88 Ohio Counties in 2022: Fragile Forktail, Widow Skimmer, Blue Dasher, Common Whitetail, and Eastern Pondhawk.

Still looking for a these two species for County Complete:

Eastern Forktail: Scioto
Eastern Amberwing: Pike

Nothing else is close. Next in line would be Ebony Jewelwing, but this is down the line with eleven counties needed, and we are at the tail end of the their season.

With recent new County Records, we're at 105 for the year. Skimmers dominate the new County Records - Painted and Great Blue with 7 each, Spangled with 5, Slaty with 4, Golden-winged with 2. Columbiana and Ottawa Co's each have 6.

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