May 15 - Painted Skimmers!

While we're waiting for Clubtails, take a moment to look at all the Painted Skimmers being reported.

We now have more Painted Skimmers in May than any month-of-May in the past. In May 2018 we recorded 65 Painted Skimmers for Ohio. We are now at 79 for May 2022 - and the month is only half over.

Painted Skimmers like a marshy habitat rather than open water, they're likely to perch for you, and make beautiful photos.

May 2022 is also having good numbers for Common Green Darner - soon to be the top year for May - maybe even tomorrow.

Lots of data coming in, it seems like we just crossed 100 Eastern Forktails, now we're well over 200.

Posted on 16 de maio de 2022, 01:58 AM by jimlem jimlem


Five of them today in a marshy spot in Columbus' Whetstone Park -- I've never seen one in Franklin county. Another sighting was reported yesterday a few miles from here. There are only 10 observations of this species in Franklin County, 20% of which are from this weekend. There were none last year.

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I was so excited to find them on the back pond of the Huron farm property. I saw 2 but got 1 photo. Jim and MaLisa, what should I look for to see if there are more living there in the back pond area? We are seeing a lot of Eastern Forktails on the ponds but they are hard to get photos of. I will try this week when I go see my daughter.

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