May 22 Update

We're moving into the height of the Ohio Odonata season. iNaturalist stats to date for 2022: 1787 Research Grade Observations, 136 Observers, 58 Species, 80 Counties.

These are good numbers. We've never had more counties or observers at this point in the season. We are well on the way to a good number of observations in May (2019 is the target at 2728). Same with species (2019 again set a high mark with 73 species).

Counties that do not yet have 2022 observations: Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison, Holmes, Marion, Monroe, Muskingum, and Tuscarawas.

Forktails lead the way so far, by a fair margin. Common Whitetail has surpassed Common Green Darner. Blue Dasher and Eastern Pondhawk numbers are climbing quickly.

The standout so far is Painted Skimmer with 112 observations across the state. This is close to double the numbers in recent years.

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Great information. Thanks.

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