Feb 18, Species Flow

Through the observation data we can track the dates of a species arrival or first observation and departure or last observation. These are plotted in the flight charts. The earliest recorded arrival being Variegated Meadowhawk on March 12, the latest species to arrive being Smoky Rubyspot on August 7. The earliest departures are Beaverpond & Slender Baskettails on June 11, the latest recorded departure is Eastern Forktail on November 30. In charting the summarized data by month for species observed in the last 5 years, we see a flow of arrivals and departures.

Arrivals peak in May. July begins a procession of departures. In between, we have our peak in diversity. Most departures occur prior to November. Once we observe a species, their monthly record is continuous (no gaps). Dragonflies outnumber damselflies, so they chart larger numbers. Interesting that more Damsel species persist at season end.

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Great analysis! Love your writings that accompany the data.

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