20 de janeiro de 2021

Calling all fabulous frog and fungi finders!

Have you seen a golden scruffy? How about a shaggy cap or a leathery goblet? Is there a chorus of frog calls coming from your creek, dam or pond?

The wet and warm weather has brought the fungi and frogs out of their hiding spots. But it won't last, so get out there with your camera or smartphone and get snapping.

Book packs to be won!
We would like you to submit as many fungi and frog observations as you can over the next ten weeks. Any Sunshine Coast Land for Wildlife member who submits at least 10 frog or fungi observations to the LfW Nature Challenge Sunshine Coast project before March 31 will go in the draw to win one of ten frog and fungi field guide book packs.

For help with identifying your fungi and frog finds take a look at these fantastic websites.


Have fun!


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13 de janeiro de 2021

Making great observations in the field with iNaturalist is like taking a team of scientists with you!

Making Great Observations

Here are a few tips to help with a positive ID:

• Taking multiple, clear (full frame and in focus) photos of your living organism not only helps community identifiers confirm your observation to Research Grade, but also improves the accuracy of the observation.

• If you’re not sure of exactly what your observation is, rather than selecting ‘something’, try and drill down to what you are confident of (eg plant, animal, fungi etc.) That way community identifiers with a special interest are more likely to help ID it.

• iNaturalist uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make identification suggestions – sometimes it’s way off! Be sure to cast a critical eye over the suggestion before accepting. It can be useful to consult relevant field guides if you have them.

• Did you notice anything unique that the photo doesn’t capture? Make sure to pop it in the notes section!

Hints and Tips Links:

Thanks for making observations of the plants, animals and fungi on your LfW property! The more you do it the more you will learn and the better our understanding of biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast.


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04 de novembro de 2020


Thanks to everyone who has contributed observations during our spring competition, we are now at well over 1100 for the project - what a great start!

Congratulations to our 6 lucky winners of the CSIRO book vouchers who have been notified by email.

Look forward to seeing more great observations as they come through!


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26 de outubro de 2020

Competition ends this Saturday!

Don’t forget you have until this Saturday at midnight to go into the draw to win one of six CSIRO book vouchers valued at $50 each!

To go in the draw, all you need to do is make 10 observations by the closing date – some of you are only one or two observations away, so don’t miss out on your chance to win!

What great read will you spend yours on?!


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25 de outubro de 2020

Regional Umbrella Project

Sunshine Coast Land for Wildlife members can now also join the regional SEQ LfW umbrella project!

Here's the link to see what other Land for Wildlife members are observing across the SEQ region:

It's wonderful to see such a diversity of species coming into our project too - keep snapping!


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20 de outubro de 2020

Celebrate National Bird Week with us!

This week is Birdlife Australia's Aussie Backyard Bird Count - if you are participating in this great annual event, don't forget to submit all your bird observations to the Land for Wildlife Sunshine Coast iNaturalist project too!

Remember, we also have a competition to win one of 6 CSIRO book vouchers - all you need to do is contribute 10 observations to our project by the end of October! It's that easy!

Happy twitching!


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17 de setembro de 2020

Contributing Observations from Your Property to the LfW Project - Tips and Tricks

Welcome to all our new members! It's great to see so many new observations and many that are reaching research grade! As the weather warms up we are likely to see more movement of wildlife through the landscape - a fantastic opportunity to record new species on your property.

To help you with your observations and to make sure you have a chance to win in our competition that runs until the end of October, we’ve put together a few tips…

  1. One species per observation (with multiple photos of that species)
  2. Take a range of photos from different angles for each observation e.g. for plants – take photos of flowers, fruit, leaves (top and underside), leaf arrangement, full plant, hairs, prickles, trunk etc.
  3. If there is something unique or different that stands out to you that can’t be captured in a photo, pop a note in your observation e.g. smells like mint, located on a stream bank, flying backwards(!)
  4. Finally…remember to check the observation is on your property and your location is obscured (for your privacy) and don’t forget to manually add your observation to our project before you hit submit to be in the draw to win!

Here are some very helpful tips in the iNaturalist ‘Getting Started’ guide as well as some handy video tutorials:

If you are still having trouble, you can also get in touch with Alan or Kylie.

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18 de agosto de 2020

Observe Nature for Your Chance to Win!

The LfW Nature Challenge Sunshine Coast is warming up as we head into spring! Thanks to everyone who has already submitted observations as this project gets up and running – there is such a diversity of species along with some fantastic images!

Currently, we are running a competition to encourage our LfW members to participate. All you need to do is submit 10 photographic observations before the end of October to go in the draw to win one of six CSIRO book vouchers valued at $50 each. Don’t worry if you can’t ID them, your LfW Officers are also members of the project and there is a incredible community of identifiers out there to help too!

Don’t forget to tell your LfW neighbours and friends about iNaturalist and the Sunshine Coast LfW project!

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