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12 de outubro de 2022


Here are some FAQs and answers for the upcoming Great Southern Bioblitz that the Coffs/Bellingen shires from NSW have shared.

What is the GSB?
The Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB) is a worldwide citizen science event where scientists and the community work together to survey and record as many species as possible within a nominated timeframe – in this case, 96 hours in your local time zone.

When is it held?
28th to 31st October 2022, from 12:00am Day 1 until 11:59pm Day 4.

Who can be involved?
Everyone is invited to participate! No special knowledge or skills are required, engagement, fun and learning are the key principles. This is great for families and kids or for those who like the solitude of going solo.

How do I get involved?
All you need is the free iNaturalist app to make an account or you can use the website.

How does the event work?
Once you have an iNaturalist account, the rest is easy. Just take photos with your phone or use the app on your phone to take photos of living things during the days of the event. Once you have a photo or multiple photos of an organism, you can upload it to iNaturalist. Your sightings will be identified and added to our total automatically!

Can I use a camera?
Yes! If you have a camera or other device you can upload your photos later via the iNaturalist website.

What living things can I photograph?
Anything living is acceptable eg plants, animals, insects, fish, fungi, shellfish, crustaceans, birds etc.

What about seashells?
Yes! Any evidence of living things is also acceptable eg dead shells, animal tracks, feathers, scats, bones etc

Where can I take photos?
Photos taken anywhere within the boundaries of the Overstrand will count towards our regional total. A map showing this area is on our page.

Where should I start looking?
You can look almost anywhere, but some great places to start are your own backyard, beachcombing the seashore, rockpools, local parks, mountain trails, spotlighting at night, moths around your porch lights at night, freshwater rivers and estuaries and many more!

How many photos should I take?
This is entirely up to you - but the more, the better! You might like to take only a few photos on your weekend walk, or you may set aside a day to go and explore a local area. Some participants will search different environments each day over the course of the four days and others will form a group to explore rockpools or forests together.

What is a Bioblitz?
A bioblitz is an event that focuses on finding and identifying as many species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time. It is also known as a biological inventory or biological census. The primary goal of a BioBlitz is to get an overall count of the plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms that live in a place.
We are hoping to attract more participants for our area this year to compete with some of the larger more populated zones that dominate the competition, every photo counts!!

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18 de outubro de 2022

Quest #2a Surveying the False Heath

We need some help please in surveying the False Heaths historical distributions.


Although it is not the ideal season (Jun-Sept is best), we can still try, and get observations of surrounding species as well.
Details of sites that we need data from can be found here:

Off the Peninsula, the records that need attention are:
Please count and record your counts using the RedList (s Afr) project and record any threats.

  • Sir Lowries Pass (De Jonge 1896) Cape Town - This population has not been seen since. But as the current Pass was opened in 1830, this is likely to be the current pass, and not the old vertical, oxwaggon, Gantou Pass. However, it is likely to be near the summit and not the west ascent, and possible the east plateau, in which case these were probably wiped out by the pine plantations of the 1900s.
    Please be aware of security issues.

  • Houhoek Pass, Botrivier. Only picnic place in the pass as you drive to Grabouw to Botrivier. Altitude.: ±340m. (de Lange 1996, Forester 1996) Overberg This seems a low hanging fruit with a precise locality. There are lots of specials here, so please keep an eye out for anything in flower in the area.
  • Hemel en Aarde.(Ecklon 1800s); Farm of old Moravian missionary.(De Lange 1987)Overstrand Another low hanging fruit with a precise locality. Please arrange access beforehand. And look for other specials here too: basically anything in flower.
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20 de outubro de 2022


Watch this very short video for easy tips on photos:

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21 de outubro de 2022

Hermanus Bot Soc Bioblitz Outings

Participants at the events to have iNaturalist loaded on their cell phones and to be taking photographs for the Great Southern Bioblitz 2022 for loading and IDing for iNat for 14 days after the Bioblitz.

  1. Friday Morning 28 October 08H30 Walk from Rotary Way along Jeep track in Fernkloof Nature Reserve to recent area of burn near the Vogelgat border. Phone Di Marais for details and to join the walk 082 462 3624
  2. Saturday Morning 29 October 10H00. Spider bioblitz in Fernkloof Nature Reserve. Meet at the Research Centre next to the Fernkloof Nursery. Phone Vic Hamilton Attwell for more details. 082 785 5145
  3. Monday 31 October 09H00 Lower slopes of Babylonstoren Mountain above Ataraxia. Meet at Ataraxia at 09H00. Phone Derek for details. 083 448 3338

Everyone taking part in our group activities does so at their own risk.
Event organisers / hosts will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss occurring as a result of any event or in connection with travel to such event, however caused.
When you attend an event, you indicate that you accept these conditions and accept that no legal liability is accepted by the group, event organisers or hosts in the event of accident or injury, however caused.
Participants in events are reminded that outdoor activities frequently need specialist equipment (boots, waterproofs, etc) and are responsible for assessing their own risk and the safety of themselves and their guests. Those considered ill-equipped for the terrain and weather conditions may be precluded from the event.

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22 de outubro de 2022

CREW Volunteer Graham Grieve shares some practical tips on photographing biodiversity

Please watch this before the Bioblitz - very good information to maximise the chance of your observations being IDed and reaching Research Grade:

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25 de outubro de 2022


The Great Southern Bioblitz is promoting moth nights around the Southern Hemisphere. Moths are totally underrated animals! Focusing on the 29th of October as part of the Great Southern Bioblitz we are exploring this biodiverse group. Different species can be attracted and observed in your backyard. They are masters of camouflage and can look almost exactly like objects in nature such as leaves, bark or even dried sap!

Observe what you can and upload your pictures onto iNaturalist!
How do you set up for Moth Night?
you can just leave on the light by the back door or read their blog
Tips on Moth Hunting:

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