Preparing for the upcoming City Nature Challenge this April 24-27

Dear Friend
As concerning as these times may be, they also offer many of us an opportunity to go out into our backyards and discover the wonderful creatures that live around us. iNaturalist, the world's greatest citizen science project, organizes a yearly City Nature Challenge. Observations that we make, on our phone, of the living creatures in our backyard, will be part of the challenge. We hope your organization, is interested in joining us by encouraging its members to go out and make observations during the City Nature Challenge.

What we are asking you to do
Please invite the members of your organization, school, library or club, to participate.
Ask them to download the iNaturalist app on their smartphone.
Encourage them to make observations with their phone of living things in their backyard from Friday, April 24 through Monday April 27.
To prepare participants who are unfamiliar with iNaturalist, we have included a written tutorial in the attachment that you can share with your members.
A video with instructions, made by our team, is available on YouTube. Click here >

For participants who would like a little more help, there will be a series of half hour online training sessions, on Monday, April 20 at 8 p.m. and Wednesday, April 22 at 5 p.m. To register, email:,
If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact us anytime:
See you soon!
We are looking forward to meet you and your members in the iNaturalist community. Let's celebrate our local biodiversity with a great number of beautiful observations!
Thank you,

The Bedford iNaturalist Team,
Simon Skolnik, Gentian Falstrom, Murray Fisher, Fiona Mitchell, Filippine Hoogland
In the attachment you will find a picture of the flyer you can use for social media, a instruction tutorial and a instruction video . If you are looking for alternative information or a different format for the flyer, please let us know:

More details available here:

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