Biodiversity of Bedford iNaturalist event this fall

Hey everyone -

First of all, have you all checked out the "Biodiversity of Bedford (BOB)" project??

We have over 1,300 species documented in Bedford! We have over 5,400 observations, and I am sure we could get to well over 2,500 species quickly if any of you wanted to spend a little bit of time Identifying species for us that you are familiar with. iNaturalist has a great Identifier tool, which allows you to filter what you identify. For example, here it is filtered for our project:

Anyway, along with two of our "BOB" superstars Fiona (@fmitchell), Filippine (@filippine) I am hosting an iNaturalist training event at our barn in Bedford this fall. We are aiming for a weeknight event in mid September. The event will include iNaturalist presentations & training, as well as socializing and some cocktails and food. We'd like to grow the numbers of people and expertise of our "Biodiversity of Bedford" group, and we'd also like to plan for a much larger, Westchester-wide event in early 2020.

Will you all help us make this event successful? We'll need all kinds of people who share our enthusiasm for observing, documenting, protecting and restoring biodiversity in Bedford!

We don't have a date yet, but wanted to put it on your radar. We are aiming for around 40 people.

Murray (and Fiona and Filippine)

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Great idea, Murray! Ellen

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