January 2 Update - 2022 Numbers and Comparison to 2021

Species Data reported for 2022

The most observed Species (over 1,000).
Blue Dasher 2,490
Eastern Pondhawk 2,475
Eastern Forktail 2,293
Fragile Forktail 1,922
Common Whitetail 1,757
Widow Skimmer 1,606
Eastern Amberwing 1,591
Autumn Meadowhawk 1,351
Violet Dancer 1,123
Ebony Jewelwing 1,121
These are the same species as 2021, but added the last two as new with over 1000. Dasher and Pondhawk both had 700+ more than 2021. All on this list had more observations in 2022 than 2021.
Species in the Most Counties (over 75).
Blue Dasher 88
Eastern Pondhawk 88
Eastern Forktail 88
Fragile Forktail 88
Common Whitetail 88
Widow Skimmer 88
Eastern Amberwing 88
Blue-fronted Dancer 80
Familiar Bluet 78
Ebony Jewelwing 77
Violet Dancer 77
Prince Baskettail 76
7 species in 2021 had over 75 counties, these 7 all had 88 counties in 2022. The other 5 species had big years in 2022.
Species with Most Observers (over 200).
Common Whitetail 292
Ebony Jewelwing 291
Blue Dasher 279
Eastern Pondhawk 259
Widow Skimmer 231
Ebony Jewelwing and Common Whitetail switched spots for 2022 as Whitetail observer count dropped by over 30. Edit - late records put Common Whitetail back on top by one.

County data reported for 2022

Counties with Most Observations (over 1,000).
Lucas 3,012
Stark 2,755
Ashtabula 2,374
Franklin 2,341
Coshocton 1,409
Champaign 1,283
Montgomery 1,211
Summit 1,122
All the 2021 counties with more than 1,000 observations repeated in 2022, along with the addition of Champaign Co. All on the list had more observations than 2021. Stark Co nearly doubled, Lucas Co added over 1,000.
Counties with Most Species (over 70).
Montgomery 79
Lucas 76
Portage 76
Stark 76
Summit 73
This is the same number of counties as we saw in 2021. Geauga was top in 2021 with 78, Lake also dropped from 71. Portage and Summit Counties are new to this list for 2022.
Counties with Most Observers (over 70).
Franklin 117
Summit 110
Cuyahoga 98
Lucas 74
Franklin had 20 fewer than 2021, but still was the top. Summit was exactly the same, Hamilton dropped off this list.
Posted on 02 de janeiro de 2023, 07:24 PM by jimlem jimlem


Hi. Thank you for all this great info. Forgive me if I am missing it, but do you know the total number of RG Observations for 2022 and the total number of Observers? Thanks. -Marty

Publicado por martycalabrese mais de 1 ano antes

Hi Marty - 35,509 research grade observations from 1034 contributors. This and more details are in the previous blog entry (Dec 31)

Publicado por jimlem mais de 1 ano antes

Thank you very much. I added those to a chart I keep (for presentations). The original survey years were supposed to be 2017-19, right? Is there an end in sight with this current extension or is it open ended? Thank you.

Publicado por martycalabrese mais de 1 ano antes

Hi Marty, the "official" Ohio Dragonfly Survey was for the three year period 2017-19. We have been able to continue the project given the on-going interest of contributors and curators. As long as the observations come in and I'm willing to integrate the iNat data with the Ohio Odonata Society database, it's open-ended.

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Thank you.

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