Update - Dec 1

Looking out at a sunny but chilly start to December. We are now past the latest historical record for flying Odonata in Ohio (Nov 30, 1975. Eastern Forktail, Greene Co). So, we're pretty much done. The naiads are still around in their life aquatic, along with overwintering eggs. Still happy to see the photos coming into iNat and remembering warmer days.

The 2022 adult season came to an early and abrupt end on Nov 10. On that day 15 people reported 19 Autumn Meadowhawks, plus one each of Shadow Darner and Common Green Darner. I was hoping for another 10 days. The days following Nov 10 were quite cold, with many areas of the state below 20F. In 2020 and 2021 we had Meadowhawks on Nov 20 - nothing this year.

While November was cut short, 2022 will be our top year for observations, now close to 35,000 research grade observations. This comprises 136 species from over 1,000 observers. Blue Dasher has edged ahead of Eastern Pondhawk as most observed. Lucas Co has emerged as the county with the most observations.

As we get the IDs complete, there will be additional updates.

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Thanks for being the spreadsheet and database guru!

Publicado por lgilbert mais de 1 ano antes

Thanks, Jim for all the hard work keeping us so well informed - and to you, Sally and the other vetters … much appreciated! Jim Heflich

Publicado por laureldoc mais de 1 ano antes

Linda said it well! Thanks for all the hard work although I don't think you think of it as work.

Publicado por sallypsandpiper mais de 1 ano antes

I'd also like to thank Jim for all he does and thanks to all the dedicated identifiers, very much appreciated!

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