July 13 - Update on Goals

In March we looked at the original survey goals (success!) and new goals for 2022. We're now at a mid-point in this year's season, so how are we doing?

Here are revised maps for our goal of every county having 1) a minimum of 600 observations, and 2) a minimum of 60 species. As expected, it's easier to log observations than it is to get new species. But we have 23 new county records in 12 of our target counties.

Here is the observation map. Counties in lighter gray (13) are where we have met the target. Blue counties (10) still need work. 4 could be finished with one good day (Brown, Hardin, Monroe, Putnam). The others will take a bigger effort (Belmont, Fulton, Henry, Meigs, Noble, Seneca). But I think all of these are "in the zone". Note - I’m updating the maps as we go along - Brown, Hardin, Henry, Putnam Co's now exceeding the goal.

Here is the species map. We cleared Harrison and Preble counties (but they had the lowest requirements). Closest to the new goal would be Fayette (2), Huron (2), Lawrence (2), Monroe (2). The others will probably still be goals for 2023.

Posted on 13 de julho de 2022, 12:52 PM by jimlem jimlem


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