January 12 Update - Some County Record Numbers

County Records for 2021

For Species with 3 or more new Counties

Species # Counties
Ashy Clubtail 8
Azure Bluet 5
Citrine Forktail 4
Cobra Clubtail 4
Royal River Cruiser 4
Amber-winged Spreadwing 3
Carolina Saddlebags 3
Dragonhunter 3
Golden-winged Skimmer 3
Great Spreadwing 3
Lancet Clubtail 3
Spotted Spreadwing 3
Turquoise Bluet 3
Vesper Bluet 3
Westfall's Slender Bluet 3

For Counties with 3 or more new Species

County # Co Recs
Shelby 7
Crawford 5
Fayette 5
Auglaize 4
Clark 4
Clermont 4
Coshocton 4
Ross 4
Warren 4
Champaign 3
Darke 3
Lorain 3
Lucas 3

County Records for 2017-2021

For Species with 20 or more new Counties

Species # Counties
Carolina Saddlebags 37
Slaty Skimmer 36
Westfall's Slender Bluet 35
Dusky Dancer 33
Comet Darner 28
Wandering Glider 27
Unicorn Clubtail 24
Great Blue Skimmer 23
Royal River Cruiser 23
Citrine Forktail 21

For Counties with 20 or more new Species

County # Co Recs
Coshocton 30
Wood 26
Crawford 25
Sandusky 25
Clark 24
Fayette 24
Lorain 22
Wyandot 22
Highland 20
Jackson 20
Madison 20
Posted on 13 de janeiro de 2022, 02:11 AM by jimlem jimlem


Thanks for the database analysis. More observers in different counties or more different dragons in counties or a combo?

Publicado por mikeabel mais de 1 ano antes (Sinalizar)

There's a couple things going on.

Some counties have been under-represented. So, for these counties, simply having someone routinely look around has an impact. A single observer can make a difference (jheiser in Coshocton is a prime example - thanks you Jay).

For species, the big gains have been in species where we're seeing a northerly range expansion (Carolina Saddlebags, Slaty Skimmer).

Basically more people looking, and some new bugs.

Another analysis would be where we've failed to verify historical species - for another day.

Publicado por jimlem mais de 1 ano antes (Sinalizar)

Sounds good to me...thanks

Publicado por mikeabel mais de 1 ano antes (Sinalizar)

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