September Update

Into September, and the days already noticeably shorter. It seems like we just passed 100,000 observations for the survey project (it was early June), and we are now within striking distance of 120,000. Thank you citizen science.

Many species and numbers are fading now, but species like the Mosaic Darners will be peaking in September. We're also seeing more perched Common Green Darners and Black Saddlebags - these are newly emerged individuals preparing to migrate south.

Still looking for some observations:

The needed counties -

For Widow Skimmer - Lawrence, Seneca
For Blue Dasher - Lawrence, Putnam, Tuscarawas
For Eastern Pondhawk - Columbiana, Hardin, Henry
For Common Whitetail - Henry, Lawrence, Marion, Monroe, Putnam, Vinton

Observations are coming quickly now for Eastern Pondhawk - easily the most reported in August, and will soon be the most observed for the year. August 2021 had more observations and more observers than in 2020. Counties on the low end for the year - Lawrence, Allen, Monroe, and Columbiana - all with 20 or fewer observations. Not a surprise that these are also the counties with the fewest species.

Posted on 01 de setembro de 2021, 01:27 AM by jimlem jimlem


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