August Update

Into August... No more early season fliers, but increasing numbers of mid-to-late season.

July saw many areas of the state inundated with storms and heavy precipitation. This kept us out of the field for a number of days, and suppressed Odonata numbers. We had plenty of observers (506), and managed nearly 5,500 Research Grade observations, but this was off the 8,000+ records that we had in June.

We still help in some counties. Meigs Co is still blank on the year, eight others have fewer than 10 observations (Belmont, Vinton, Jefferson, Monroe, Carroll, Marion, Wyandot, and Gallia). Any observations would help with the numbers. In contrast, Ashtabula and Lucas Co's have over a thousand observations.

Common Whitetail continues to lead as most reported species, but Blue Dasher and Eastern Pondhawk are closing quickly. Blue Dasher had over 450 records in July as lead Dragonfly, far in the lead over Widow Skimmer. Blue-fronted Dancer and Ebony Jewelwing were neck and neck for most Damselfly records (230, 228).

Seems a good year for Dragonhunter and Black-shouldered Spinyleg. River Cruisers, and a few others, seem to be running late. Time will tell. Enjoy the days, even as they begin to shorten.

Posted on 02 de agosto de 2021, 12:10 AM by jimlem jimlem


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