Contributors Continued

It's been a great season so far with many people contributing specimens to the project

The two stand-out finds of the season are from @easmeds who is part of our research team and went out and found Okanagana arctostaphylae after a sighting was posted on iNaturalist

On the other side of the continent @jamiehunter found O. noveboracensis (another incredibly rare Okanagana) in Ontario where it is restricted to a small area around the Niagara region.

Other contributions and contributors since my last update!

O. canadensis @fmgee
O. canescens (tentative) @alice_abela
O. catalina (a major find) @emshaph
O. occidentalis @fmgee
O. tristis @alice_abela
O. vanduzeei (?) @birdernaturalist
And more great unknowns: @mnishiguchi @birdernaturalist

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