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The Polyphagous Shothole Borer Beetle PSHB Atlas collects data for purposes of monitoring and managing the spread of the PSHB Beetle.

The following collections are useful for managing the reporting process.
* Inspection required: Possible evidence of (beetle) damage to susceptible trees
* Inspection required urgently: Beetle damage to susceptible trees reported

The following data have been inspected in the field and found to be:
Not infected by PSHB:
* Inspection completed: no PSHB Infection found
Confirmed PSHB Infections:
* PSHB Infection verified - see observation comments for action taken

Confirmed observations of beetles directly or indirectly (i..e not of host plants) can be found here:

Records of uninfected trees can be found here, but note, that uninfected trees can co-exist with infected individuals for a variety of reasons. A clear observation on its own ndoes not imply that the area is clear of infection at that time. Map of uninfected trees

For the distribution of susceptible species in South Africa, please see here:

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