Bummed about Summerbrook Park

Just off of N. Beach Street, in a little neighbor hood is a small park. A creek runs through it.Summerbrook Park. They added a bigger fancier playground in 2018. It still has a drinking fountain. I use to find quite a few neat little insects at this park, like the Jagged Ambush Bug, also different types of butterflies, along the deep creek side.. Also, Birds loved to go down in the Cattails. A pair of Hawks also frequented this park.

The creek has since changed. The City of Ft. Worth took out every single plant that grew in and along the creek. It now looks like a long deep winding tunnel.

Sure it looks more open and now the trash can flow through this creek, where as before it sort of got stuck in the many different trees and plants. I cleaned it a few times before they removed everything.

This spring and summer, I will probably not find anything at this park unless it is in the trees that have been in this park for a long time. There are no flowers or flowering plants near the creek anymore. The insects that were in abundance at this place, will hopefully come to Arcadia Park for some host plants. It may not be important to some but it did have some cool plants and critters.

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Habitat-murder. I'm so sorry.

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mokennon, thanks for your comment. I have noticed they have been doing it more and more in our area. I was told cattails are great for filtering the water.
I also read online that people are using cattails for clearing out contaminates and possibly global warming.
In addition to its use in large phytoremediation projects to help absorb contamination from ground water and wetlands, the plant also helps in reducing arsenic contamination in impoverished areas.

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But they removed the cattails? Jeez...

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Yes! They removed every living plant and tree in and next to the creek. All the cattails are totally gone. I found out today from a woman in Summerfields that they supposedly cleared it all out because they are going to be putting in a Football field. This park is not big. You have to walk to it or park in front of a home. To make room for a Football field, they will have to take out some of the big old trees, especially if it is going to be a legal size football field like high schools have. I will be marking this park off my
"go to" park.

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How big a town is Summerfields? Albion is so little but they sometimes make some not-so-good decisions. So far the decisions have not messed with the bugs so much as the people.

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It is a NeighborHood with a little park in it. I live across from it about a half mile, in Park Glenn neighborhood. All Part of the city of Ft. Worth.

Area: 7.229 square miles
Population: 23,593

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I'm sorry. Loss of one habitat - it's like stepping on one butterfly!

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So True!

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they keep taking out the cattails that do so much to filter the water and the plant life that sustains the insects and keeps the soil erosion down. So much ignorance. Sorry to hear this. But it will be "neat and clean".

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Oh yes! It looks so bare now!
I was telling naturenut about all the removal of trees and plants. She wanted to see it for her self and maybe collect some seeds before it is all gone. I told naturenut this is where two Hawks lived or visited and just as I said it, one flew out of the tree. It was trying to get a bird. But the bird saw it coming. The hawks use to go and grab stuff from the cattails like snakes and little rodents and birds. That will not be happening for a long time now. So many trees are laying next to the creek being put in big dumpsters. It was sad to see. We even saw an Egret looking for a place to land in the creek. Nothing to land on anymore. So it flew farther on. Ft worth was working there today. I walked up to one of the men and said , what is going on with all the removal of the trees and plants. I know this man as does naturenut, we run into him often, especially when we have park issues. He helps us out. He said, we were told to clear this all out. We do this every three or four years, due to trash build up. It is very trashy in this creek. That's why I use to clean it.. I said, this park has looked like this for the 10 years that I have lived here. (overgrowth in the creek) He said well ,it has been too long then.

He did not know anything about a Football field going in. He then told us that our Pid Manager called him to help have a beaver dam destroyed and possibly a Beaver removed and relocated from Shiver Rd. A long creek runs through the area and connects to Arcadia Trail Park.

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well a least I got to see it...its sad I don't like it when they clear it all out either but it has to be done all because of people trash their too lazy to pick up their own crap from their own trash bins and kids and teens throwing their trash on the streets from walking to and from school and it end up in there... you and I know what its like to pick up other people trash and so this is what the city has to do to clear it out and our wildlife suffers from it for a little while until it all grows back over time... this spring their habitat is all spring cleaned the animals will come out of their holes with a new start, new growth and insects will come again it might look different to them but its a healthier place for them, now for the rats on the other hand that were living in the drainage with all that trash well they will be in people back yards eating dog crap hanging out there more often, you seen the feral cats today out by the drainage sight waiting and the hawk too well they too will be in people back yards looking for those rats too what a health risk! After what I saw today about that neighborhood tells me they DON'T CARE about their community! TRASHY PEOPLE!!!!

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I changed the title name of the Park. It is called Summerbrook Park. I called it Summerfields because it is located in Summerfields subdivision. Sorry for the wrong naming of this park.

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We live in a big City. There is going to be trash, unfortunately. It would help however if people would pick up the trash that blows down the street in-front of their homes and curbs. Is it their trash? Maybe not! A little integrity goes along way. Lots of trash gets washed in these areas after the rain. Some gets blown in on a windy day. Then you have some that just gets tossed in like the water bottle, beer can, restaurant bags or soda cans while jogging, walking or biking. That, along with Styrofoam drinking cups, makes for a nasty mess.
Thus, having to eliminate plants and trees to get to the trash at the bottom of these creeks and run offs.
It would be easier to just get in there with some boots on with some trash grabbers, hooks and start carefully digging in like I use to do at this park. Many people do not want to do that because it is not the safest thing to do. It is not fun either. Gratifying yes! It all finds its way back and quickly, however. New day. New trash accumulation. 😫

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