Sketch Plant IDs

For those who are wondering about the plant sketches and the associated IDs... the ID was provided by the excellent Vermont botanists/ecologists Cathy Paris and Liz Thompson (and in the case of some ferns Dave Barrington) so if it looks wrong, it is due to the sketch, not the initial plant id. Some of them can't be verified to research grade but I still think they are fun. Haven't had much time to sketch lately, and it's not too fun outdoors in the winter anyway... but maybe next spring.

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I'm writing an article for magazine based out of Burlington, VT. I noticed you are the leader in submitting observations! Would you be willing to be interviewed about your involvement in this project? If so, please shoot me an email at or call 303-947-7212 as soon as you can. I'd love to hear more about what drives you to be so active in this immense project!


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I sent you an email...

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