Still Learning!

Just some thoughts! I just want to say, it has been fun finding different types of insects and animals and reptiles.
I am not real confident in identifying other's stuff yet . I have a few things I have identified. I still mess up the different types of dragonflies. Also, the "common vetch" and "harry vetch". I seriously find it all confusing. Taogirl and her husband and naturenut have told me some things to tell the differences in birds and some insects. When I first started this kimberlietx, gave me some good sites to view as well. The Carolina chickadee and the Black cap chickadee. They look the same to me. Back home, we called them black cap chickadees. Naturenut said, believe it or not, there is a slight difference. I am enjoying the quest! I love how this hobby can be taken anywhere, unlike my card and jewelry making.

Today, I think I came upon a green willow midge. I never heard of that. I was looking up the kind of egg deposits on the underside of this same leaf the Midge was on. So, I looked up midge. I saw the same bug that was on this leaf. I hope I am right! If not hopefully someone will correct me. It is fun learning. I have always taken pictures of wild life, I have many pictures from all over the U.S. I can't wait to see what awaits me tomorrow. Have a B-E-A-utiful week!

P.S. I will always say thank you, when you Identify stuff on my site. That's just how I am. You do not have to reply.

Posted on 10 de maio de 2017, 10:13 PM by walkingstick2 walkingstick2


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