Victor W Fazio III

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This is a posthumous account for Victor Fazio, who passed away in June, 2022.

Victor's account will continue to be maintained by his cousin Cherylyn (Cher63).

A 35 yr career ornithologist, the bulk of my career (26 years) was devoted to the recovery of the US federally endangered Black-capped Vireo. After mapping 7 breeding pair on Fort Sill M.R. in 1988, I left in 2013 with roughly 800 breeding pair within this portion of the Wichita Mtns of Oklahoma.

When I taught entomology as a professor at Heidelberg College (Tiffin, OH) in the mid-90's my research interests involved Odonata and Trichoptera.

In Mar 2016, I returned to my roots in the Manning Valley, New South Wales, Australia.

Current research:
Phase I (Mar 2016-Mar 2020) Moth Diversity and Seasonality within the Lower Manning Valley, N.S.W., AUS.
Phase II (Nov 2021) - Oct 2024) As above, but across an elevational gradient along the Manning River reaching the headwaters within Barrington Tops N.P.
Phase III (May 2022 - ongoing) The critical examination (collection and dissection) of microleps, with special attention to the Archipini (Tortricidae) throughout the continent toward a greater understanding of species limits within the group. This will be done in collaboration with Dr. Jason Dombroskie of Cornell University, NY, USA.

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