Libby Woodward

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We spend our time managing a 350 acre environmental property north of Violet Town. We have set up survey ponds and put movement sensing cameras on these and on our dams ( We are doing our best to manage this property for increased biodiversity and threatened species. I have a background in native grasslands management, Landcare, seed collection and seedbanks. Steve was a secondary school teacher and has now had over 20 years experience in landscaping, gardening and property management.

My qualifications include a Bachelor of Biological Science Degree with a major in Botany and Zoology and over 30 years experience in diverse Natural Resource Management fields. This includes 8 years as a Stewardship Officer for Trust for Nature, working for DSE as a Native Grassland Project Officer, Catchment Management Officer with DPI, 5 years working in Landcare, 5 years as manager of the Portland Seedbank for Greening Australia and 3 years working for Seeding Victoria.

Steve has a Bachelor of Arts with honours and is knowledgeable in history and geography. Steve has also now had over 20 years experience in working on the land doing such things as weed control, planning plantings, constructing and maintaining infrastructure and digging most of the thousands and thousands of holes required for planting.

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