Sophie Mowles

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I'm an ecologist based in the south of France. I started off with a BSc in marine ecology and then a PhD in animal behaviour in the UK. After many years of studying the behaviour of invertebrates and birds, as well as teaching ecology and field skills, I have returned to my natural history roots and am busy exploring the south of France with my partner, Fabrizio Manco, who is a spatial ecologist.
We are following our passion for field ecology out here in this fantastically biodiverse region.

We both love exploring and photographing our findings. All of my/our photos and audio are available through Creative Commons. I usually upload audio as .wav files, so folks can download these and look at them on their acoustic software of choice. If you'd like to use our photos or audio, you're free to do so, but please give us an acknowledgement as the source.

We hope they are useful for helping with IDs and providing data on what is out there. Thanks to the iNaturalist community for helping with our IDs too. Learning is fun!

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