Sean Daniels

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I am inspired by all life. The experience of being here and sharing this beautiful planet with countless forms of life is fascinating, and a gift. I live in awe of natures expanse and complexity and with each new discovery I have a greater understanding that I will never truly know how magnificent it really is. With every outing, every encounter, I strive to have the utmost respect for the life that I am observing. My goal is to pass this adventurous spirit, coupled with a deep and meaningful respect, along to my two boys (currently 6 and 7).

My wife has been there for a majority of these observations. She has provided all the love, support and encouragement that myself and my lads require to be successful.

People that inspire me: Humboldt, Muir, Darwin, Wallace, Lorenz, Thoreau, Abbey and Suzuki. As well as anyone that contributes to the science of nature, including the iNaturalist community.

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