Daniele Wiseman

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We came to live in the most gorgeous countryside just over two and half years ago. The property has 3.3 acres and this to us was an opportunity to create a haven for native plants, for insects and for widelife, especially as there is a large-ish body of water nearby, the local fisheries pond. IN the last two years we have planted an orchard using a biodiversity grant and a woodland through another local initiative. Whilst the woodland (complete with fairy ring) were whips and still only just showing above their protective sleeves, the orchard trees were larger, probably 2-3 years old. We have been on a pruning course, and carried out winter pruning this year on apples, cooking apples, crab apples, quince and pears. We also have cherries and plum and 7 mature damson trees which produced so many damsons last year they overwhelmed us (we froze 12 kg and made lots of jam) The hawthorn looks fabulous now in flower and the birds that visit have increased in number, their birdsong is amazing and very restful. We have rabbits, moles, badgers and a fox, and we are looking into having a couple of beehives on the land. There so much more to do here but I decided it was time, instead of making scrappy notes of the birds who visited our land or what was growing in our paddocks and hedgerows, we should make a more permanent record.

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