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please tag me if you want me to see your observation. I do not often ID Cicadas and am not knowledgeable in Heteroptera, Sternorrhyncha, Psocodea, or Orthoptera. my knowledge is U.S.-centric, but I make ID's globally.

i actively moderate hoppers (auchenorrhyncha excluding cicadas) here and on bugguide—mostly focused on the united states. i am an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware studying entomology. my interests lie in the interdisciplinary space between art and science.

you have my permission to use my images for any educational use (including on citizen science sites and boards) as long as you credit me. otherwise, contact me.

additionally, i'm a formless basin. an endless space of things displaced; excavated and moved elsewhere. i expand endlessly, causing all surrounding surfaces to cave; collapsing into the oblivion of myself. there's no space for the dust to settle, so it will drift on forever in its increasing entropy.

if you feel you need a human to talk to (or at), please message me; regardless of affliction or inclination.

hablo un poquito español, pero no se muchas palabras técnicas de entomología.

I administer these projects for a variety of reasons—to make sure I don't miss observations in the areas I focus on most, to consolidate journal posts and identification guides under relevant subjects, and more. join these projects and help them grow!
U.S.-Mexico Alert Photographers: Auchenorrhyncha: for documenting the hoppers occurring at the U.S.-Mexico border and monitoring the migration of species.
Gyponini of the Southwestern U.S.: documenting the diverse, beautiful, and enigmatic leafhopper tribe Gyponini in the southwestern states

some useful interwebs
Hoppers of North Carolina: a great resource for hoppers of the eastern U.S. (by @hopperdude215)
Planthoppers of North America: the number-one authority on north american planthoppers (by @delphax)
Treehoppers: the resource for generic to higher taxonomy of treehoppers
Dmitriev's 3i Database: most up-to-date authority on hoppers globally, updated by the world's leading hopper taxonomists (but refer to link 3 for membracids and refer to link 2 for new world fulgoroids).
BugGuide: if you have a notable observation, I will likely ask you to upload it here
Sharpshooter Leafhoppers of the World: a wonderful photographic resource for Cicadellinae. there are a number of errors, so make sure to cross-reference and do research before making an ID.
My Website: has some info, needs updating. I'll be working on a more detailed website in the future.

some useful humans
feel free to tag me on anything hopper-related, but I may not always be available and may not always be the best/most knowledgeable option. here I've compiled some of the most knowledgeable people on iNat (message me to add more—or remove your handle!).
@ hopperdude215 — Kyle Kittelberger, hopper extraordinaire specialising in united states fauna; long-time bugguide editor and author of Hoppers of North Carolina
@ delphax — Charles Bartlett, leading expert on planthoppers (Fulgoroidea; especially Delphacidae)
@ smckamey — Stuart McKamey, expert on treehoppers (Membracidae)
@ joelkits — Joel Kits, expert on leafhoppers (Cicadellidae)
@ gernotkunz — Gernot Kunz, expert on central european and costa rican hoppers
@ michael_stiller — Michael Stiller, the expert on hoppers of africa
@ marcodehaas — Marco de Haas, expert on palearctic hoppers
@ lesday — Les Day, expert on indomalayan spittlebugs (Cercopoidea)
@ defreitasabner — Abner Silveira de Freitas, brazilian hopper expert
@ micahfletcher — Micah Fletcher, expert on nearctic treehoppers
@ samjengland — Sam England, knowledgeable/expert in neotropical treehoppers
@ campodonico — Juan Francisco Campodonico, expert on Chilean planthoppers
@ psyllidhipster — Chris Mallory, psyllid extraordinaire and particularly knowledgeable in fulgorids
@ wongun — WonGun Kim, knowledgeable in south korean hemipterans
@ feistyone — Shannon, knowledgeable in planthoppers
@ joaco5 — Joaquín Davila, knowledgeable in south american sharpshooters (Cicadellinae)
@ jsauceda_v — Jefferson Sauceda, knowledgeable in neotropical leafhoppers
@ adilson_pinedo — Adilson Pinedo, expert on leafhoppers of Mexico

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