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i am an enthusiast of many things science.

if i had the time, maybe it would be all things science. most of them at least. maybe one day i'll be a professional of something science. or maybe somethings science. i like leafhoppers quite a bit (i moderate them here and on bugguide), so feel free to tag me if i miss your observation and i'll try to help out. i am interested in specimens as well, so please message me for details (more on that in a second).

please ask before using my images (i'll probably say yes). you have my permission to use my images for any educational use including on citizen science sites and boards as long as you credit me. citizen science is cool, please don't abuse it.

i may ask you for hopper specimens if you find something of intrigue. i am not an expert, just an enthusiast, but if i ask for a specimen my intentions are to obtain photographs of it before sending it to a professional for analysis. i am very interested in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico, but please consider going out and looking for hoppers no matter where you are in the world.

additionally, i'm a formless basin. an endless space of things displaced. excavated and moved elsewhere. i expand endlessly, causing all surrounding surfaces to cave; collapsing into the oblivion of myself. there's no space for the dust to settle, so it will drift on forever in its increasing entropy.

some nice links
Hoppers of North Carolina: a great resource for hoppers of the eastern U.S. (by @hopperdude215)
Planthoppers of North America: the number one authority on north american planthoppers (by @delphax)
Treehoppers: THE resource for treehoppers
Dmitriev's 3i Database: most up-to-date authority on hoppers globally, updated by the world's leading hopper taxonomists (but refer to link 3 for membracids and refer to link 2 for new world fulgoroids).
BugGuide: if you have a notable observation, I will likely ask you to upload it here
Sharpshooter Leafhoppers of the World: a wonderful photographic resource for Cicadellinae. there are a number of errors, so make sure to cross-reference and do research before making an ID.
My Website: has some info, needs updating.

some more about me? ok, here's a mangled faq in addition to some things no one asked. in order to humanise me.
i am a teenager. i hate misinformation (though I may inadvertently spread it). i believe art and science should always be linked—partly because of how important art is for scientific public outreach. i have lots of opinions on things. i think scientific illiteracy is one of our greatest threats. i appreciate correction. i can be indecisive. i love answering questions as much as i love asking them. i hyperfixate on my interests (asd). all of my interests stem from an initial aesthetic intrigue. i like stringing words together, especially when they don't go together.

oh and... don't block me because i disagreed with your ID with something more general. i disagreed with it because a) not enough data was provided to warrant a more specific ID or b) i made a mistake. don't block me! ask me! please :) and also, i will not offer an explanation for every ID i make, so if you are curious, just ask me. i go through hundreds of observations a day; it's not realistic for me to leave a note on every one of them explaining myself. i am more than happy to do so if you ask me though.
ALSO—you don't have to agree with an ID just because I appear to be someone of authority. if it contradicts with your initial ID, please withdraw it, but you don't need to agree with my ID if you aren't sure. my error could lead to a false research grade; I'm far from perfect and always learning.

note: all of the times on my photos are pretty much wrong as I download lower-res versions from my Flickr—the dates are correct, but the times correspond with upload times. this is unfortunate, but I upload too much to change the time for each upload individually. if you're curious about when an observation was photographed (exactly) or anything else regarding missing metdata, feel free to message me.

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