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why hello, dear friend. you may have forgotten, so allow me to remind you:

i am an enthusiast of many things science. if i had the time, maybe it would be all things science. most of them at least. maybe one day i'll be a professional of something science. or maybe somethings science. i like leafhoppers quite a bit, so feel free to tag me if i miss your observation and i'll try to help out.

please ask before using my images (i'll probably say yes). citizen science is cool, please don't abuse it.

additionally, i'm a formless basin. an endless space of things displaced. excavated and moved elsewhere. i expand endlessly, causing all surrounding surfaces to cave; collapsing into the oblivion of myself. there's no space for the dust to settle, so it will drift on forever in its increasing entropy.

until next time

note: all of the times on my photos are pretty much wrong as I download lower-res versions from my Flickr—the dates are correct, but the times correspond with upload times. this is unfortunate, but I upload too much to change the time for each upload individually. if you're curious about when an observation was photographed (exactly) or anything else regarding missing metdata, feel free to message me.

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